Katelyn Bustin

At the University of Lodz I am....only a tutor in the writing center. I am originally from Lancaster, PA (USA), but for a year I am an English instructor to biotechnology students at the Medical University of Lodz. I also work in their proofreading center, mostly editing research papers on various science topics. I do give some individual English conversation help and have partnered with American Corners for their group conversation club as well. I am well versed in APA style, but am also well suited to discuss essays.
When I write:I like to make people interested and wanting more. I do take a more analytical approach in writing that needs it, such as research papers. Following an outline and giving just the right amount of information is key in these writings. However, I also believe in expressing your own style or voice in writing that allows it. Personal, argumentative, or persuasive essays allow so much individual freedom that should be taken advantage of.
Hobbies/interests:Apart from teaching, I enjoy reading, writing poetry/essays, drinking all sorts of coffee, running, traveling, and embroidering.