Dorota Pierścińska

At the university of Lodz. I am...a PhD student in the Faculty of Philology, University of Łódź, Poland. I hold a Master’s degree in English Philology from the University of Łódź. In my M.A. thesis Investigating the style and narratological art of The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason I undertook a corpus-based and discourse-oriented analysis of fragments of the novel by a contemporary American novelist. My research interests are in the application of corpora to discourse/text analysis. I am interested in both linguistic and stylistic analysis of texts as well as corpus-based and corpus-driven analysis of genre and register. Currently, in my dissertation, I focus on epistemic modality in different genres (panel discussions and blog comments).
When I write...I first gather the content, anything that is related to my piece of writing, e.g. citations, the results of my investigation, etc. I jot down my thoughts on the topic, analyse and describe the data, and plan the main parts of the piece of writing. Then I put together all the pieces of the puzzle trying to convey the meaning the best I can and make it interesting. To avoid any calques, to make my text sound natural, and to avoid mistakes of any kind – syntactic, grammatical, collocational, stylistic – I often use corpora (BNC or COCA) and the WordNet, apart from other obvious reference materials/sources. Finally I check, double-check, and would be happy to triple-check because I am a perfectionist, but the deadline to submit the paper is there. Nowadays, I mostly write scientific papers (apart from my theses), however, I would be glad to help with any type of an essay, or other short forms of writing in any area (literature is my favourite).
Hobbies/interests?Dancing is my passion, especially tango, but I also dance baciata and a few others. Among my favourite activities are spending time with my daughter in any possible way, reading (novels), travelling, learning languages, not to mention such simple pleasures as good food or walking.