Anna Parr-Modrzejewska

At the university of Lodz...I'm a PhD student working in the department of English Language and Applied Linguistics. I'm a teacher trainer specializing in early primary education. I'm also working for Macmillan publishing where I'm writing materials for course books and articles for The Teacher magazine. I'll be happy to help with essays of all sorts and research papers on didactics/applied linguistics in APA style.
When I write...I experience a kind of trance which takes me to an alternative reality where I become a different person. When I write, I feel more intensely, I hear better and I see clearer. For me, writing is a non-linear process. I often jot down seemingly unrelated thoughts and after a while I can see sense and structure that reveals itself. So, every time your writing process turns into chaos, don't panic - see me.
Hobbies/interests?Teaching has been the passion of my life for the last 12 years. The little free time left, I devote to my daughters and fantasy literature.
You can meet me...TBA. Please e-mail me in advance on, also if you want to arrange a meeting at a different time - I'm quite flexible.