Łukasz Salski

At the University of Lodz I am …… an English composition instructor and a teacher trainer. I do my research in EFL writing, now focusing on writers’ attitudes and beliefs. I am the organizer of the biennial conference Foreign Language Opportunities in Writing, and a co-editor of the literary journal Dekadentzya. Even though I usually write academic texts using the APA style, I will be happy to talk about other sorts of writing as well.
When I write …… I want to make my texts mine. A friend once said, “you are an expressivist, Łukasz,” and I couldn’t describe myself any better. I believe it is important to be yourself in every kind of writing even though some genres restrict us more than others.
Hobbies/interestsI profess the road. I exercise it biking and driving, and I contemplate it watching road movies. I’m also interested in cars, trucks, any other motor vehicles—as long as they are from the pre-electronics era.