Marek Molenda

At the University of Lodz I am......a PhD student of English. I specialize in EFL pedagogy, and you can see me if you have any questions concerning the APA style. My main interests are: lexicology/lexicography in EFL pedagogy, quantitative analysis of non-native English, blended learning and Web 2.0 solutions, corpus lingusitics, and -- more recently -- writing. I am also the admin of this website.
When I write...... I try to be as careful as possible. I almost always double- and triple- check things. I like to read texts aloud to myself, just to check whether they really read well.
Any hobbies/interests?Well, as a (retired?) Boy Scout I am a bit into knot tying, backpacking, hiking, camping, trekking, skiing etc. I immensely enjoy travelling, seeing places and meeting people.