What is ERIC?

Come visit ERIC - The University of Łódź's English Writing Improvement Centre

At ERIC you can:

  • Get help on papers in a session with a more experienced writer.

  • Meet with a writing consultant to discuss any step of the writing process, whether you need help developing ideas, planning essays, refining thesis statements, or organizing and revising papers.

  • Work on strategies and techniques that can help you become a better, more confident and effective writer.

When you make an appointment at the Writing Centre, you set your own agenda. If you’re having trouble picking a topic for a paper, we’ll give you strategies and techniques for generating and focusing ideas. If you’d like feedback on the argument or organization of an essay, we’ll read what you have written and tell you what we think. If you would like to improve your grammar, we’ll help you identify and learn to correct your mistakes. The Writing Centre is not, however, a proofreading service. We will certainly work with you to help you recognize mechanical errors, but it is important to remember that our goal is not necessarily to produce perfect papers, but better writers – and that depends on you.

You can schedule a session using our online sign-up system.

Unless indicated otherwise, tutoring sessions will be held in Room 4.03.

Please come prepared for your session with a printed copy of your writing.