Maciej Wieczorek

At the University of Lodz I am…… a Ph.D. student. My academic interests include modern British and Irish drama, as well as theatre theory. Should you require any assistance with MLA citation style or with a paper that touches upon drama, please feel free to contact me.
When I write…… I always begin by preparing an outline. Whenever I feel insecure, I consult a collocations dictionary or look the definition of a given word up. Proofreading a paper is also a must.
Any hobbies/interests?I spend a great deal of time reading and watching films. Apart from that, martial arts are probably my favorite hobby.
ContactIf you decide to meet me, please e-mail me in advance at dirvinho[at] and let me know what your expectations are (it would be great if you could also send me the paper that you want to discuss).