Karolina Marzec

At the University of Łódź I am...... an English Philology BA student. I specialise in literature - mainly British but I've recently learnt to appreciate American & Canadian writers as well. I'll gladly help with MLA style and any cultural references.
When I write...I try to put into words the inexpressible, write what I cannot say out loud. It's one of my passions that allows me to be creative and is a perfect means of self-improvement.
Any hobbies/interests?I'm a cellist, salsa dancer, big fan of tattoos and Scottish accent and, obviously, a heavy reader.
Contacton Tuesdays (09:00-09:45)
If you'd like to meet me on any other day/hour, please e-mail me:
If you are planning to visit me it would be lovely to get your paper/questions/ideas a little bit earlier so that we can both come prepared.