Sylwia Komorowska

At the University of Lodz I am ……a second year BA student. I’m at the beginning of my education path at the University but I can already tell that my main areas of interest are literature and methodology. I would be happy to help you with any piece of creative writing as well as APA style papers.
When I write...…I try to be brief and accurate. I always do my best to avoid repeating myself and to make my texts as clear as possible, which doesn’t mean that I prefer a rather dry style of writing. On the contrary, I pay a lot of attention to selecting expressive vocabulary and use my imagination- I just don’t let it run wild.
Hobbies/interestsI devote a lot of time to crafts. What I enjoy especially is, which might seem a little old-fashioned, crocheting. I’m also into macrame, jewelry making and nail art. Last but not least, I absolutely adore cats and I’m a proud owner of one.
You can meet me...on Thursdays from 11.45 to 13.15. I’ll try to be flexible if you should need my help at any other time. In such case please contact me earlier ( so that we can arrange an additional meeting.
I would appreciate it if you could send me your paper in advance.