Klaudia Grajeta

At the University of Łodz I am…...an English Philology BA student in my second year and International relations graduate.
When I write…...I try to devote my self to it. However not always I realize how demanding task it is. All in all when I write I create new world for myself, each time it is a brand new experience.
Hobbies & Interes?As I studied International Relation I am interested in foreign affairs, especially in Middle East. That is the reason why I love travelling, or love to travel was the reason why I studied at that Faculty:) Anyway at the moment I try to develop my new interest, which is teaching young children.
You can meet me…15:00-15:45 on Tuesdays. Before we meet it would be great if you could send my your paper using my e-mail address: klaudia.grajeta@gmail.com and please also remember to bring printed version of your work. See you there!