Monika Młodecka

At the University of Lodz I am…...a first year MA student. My BA thesis focused on the impact of the bilingual education programme on students’ metalinguistic awareness. Now, within the framework of the MA research I would like to investigate the connections between the aforementioned linguistic education programme and the level of students’ writing anxiety.
When I write…...first I am lost. I tend to rewrite one sentence hundreds of times before I accept it as satisfactory but shortly afterwards I always find a way to express my thoughts adequately. I guess that when it comes to writing, my strength is my creativity and my greatest flaw – sentences too long to digest them. But I’ve been working on it!
Hobbies/interests?... I’ve been climbing for almost ten years now and I am a former member of the Junior National Team. I’ve been successful both in comps and rock climbing and still want to be better. It is my passion and… life, to great extent.
You can meet me…TBA. You can contact me at