About us

Dear Faculty,

The Institute of English at the University of Łódź is starting an English Writing Improvement Centre – affectionately known as ERIC.

At ERIC, your students can work with a writing consultant to discuss any step of the writing process, whether they need help developing ideas, planning essays, refining thesis statements, or organizing and revising papers.

ERIC’s goal is not necessarily to create perfect papers, but better writers. Therefore, we will not give students ideas for essays, nor will we proofread students’ papers for them; rather, we will provide students with strategies and techniques for developing ideas as well as for identifying and correcting grammatical and mechanical errors. In this way, we hope to help students become more confident, capable, and effective writers.

Writers of any level can benefit from these individual, student-focused sessions. Please encourage your students to take advantage of this valuable service.

We are located in 4.03 (formerly K3) and students may sign up for appointments using the sign-up list which is currently pinned to the noticeboard by Room 105 our new, state-of-the-art online scheduling system.