Dani Francuz Rose

Profile Picture Dani Francuz Rose 
At the University of Lodz I am......an English instructor originally from Chicago, IL (USA). I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of Applied Linguistics, and have been teaching ESL/EFL for four years. My research interests include psycholinguistic processing, gender in language, and intercultural
communication; therefore, I am well­-versed in the APA style. I tend to take a very practical approach to writing, and I like to discover and develop individual­-based writing strategies.
When I write...... I like to open people's minds. I strive to be objective and analytic in my writing because I feel it encourages people to think critically, make their own decisions, and not get caught up in personal bias. I also appreciate a strong personal voice in writing. Our personalities are what make each of us unique and interesting, and I love to see that individualization in writing.
Hobbies/interests:Aside from anything linguistics­-related, I also enjoy traveling, learning languages, reading, and making origami. I am extremely happy to be here in Poland where I can easily indulge in all of my hobbies.