International students

International Students Office (Faculty of Philology Dean’s Office)

In charge of:
– BA and MA full-time students
– Exchange students (only incoming students)


Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11.00-16.00
Wednesday-Friday: 09.00-14.00

Due to the epidemic threat, administrative staff work in a mixed system (remote work + stationary duty). Please make an appointment at the Faculty in advance by e-mail.

Room 3.54a

Łukasz Mysielski, e–mail:

Weronika Szewczyk, e-mail:

Important information for full time students

Information on preventative measures taken to counter the spread of COVID-19

Information and guidelines for Ist year students

Important information for exchange students

📌 Timetable for Erasmus Student – winter semester 2021/2022

  • ERASMUS STUDENTS - Important information and Guidelines
    ERASMUS STUDENTS – Important information and Guidelines

    Dear Student of Exchange Programms ,

    we are glad to welcome you to Faculty of Philology at the University of Lodz

    Below you will find some useful informations.
    Please, read it carefully and follow the instructions before sending a questions.

    Welcome meeting
    with Faculty Erasmus Coordinator dr Monika Kopytowska and
    dr hab. prof. UŁ Michał Lachman, Vice Dean for International Student Affairs and Student Movement at the Faculty
    will be on September 30th 2021 at 2 p.m. (polish time)

    The information meeting will be online.
    Here is the access link to the meeting:


    We highly recommend that you attend it. 

    Since we still work in mixed system (stationary duty+remote work) for the most of our working time, any questions about administrative matters (student ID card, access to university system – USOS, added to the group, etc), should be sent via e-mail to my address:

    Please don’t forget to put type of the problem in the subject of your e-mail, in the body of the email, please write your full name, surname and the question that bothers you.
    Please note, I may need more time to answer your question. I’m replying to emails in the order of their appearance, that’s why, please do not spam my mailbox sending the same messages several times. It will not speed up the process – please wait patiently for the reply.


    The winter semester   

    The semester starts on 1st October and lasts till 20th of February
    (however, classes are from 4th October till 23rd of January),
    with a 11 days for Christmas vacations (from December 23rd till January 2nd).
    Examination time (exam session) is scheduled for January (24.01-06.02.2022)  

    and make-up exams in February (14-20.02.2022)

    Timetable will be sent to you via email on the nearest days.
    Timetable will be not available in your USOS account.
    Since the largest part of the courses offered by our Faculty is offered by English philology, the timetable mainly contains the courses from this department.
    If you are looking for courses from other departments, e.g. Journalism, French philology etc.,  you need to contact via email with the relevant Departmental Erasmus Coordinator and ask for an individual schedule. The list of coordinators with their email addresses will also be attached to the schedule.
    Because still we are in pandemic situation some courses will be held online (mainly lectures) and other will be in the Faculty building

    You have to contact with the teacher providing a given course and ask about access or link to online classes. 
    All university employees have a uniform email address:

    Please remember, only two absences are allowed and you should attend the classes from the beginning.

    At the very beginning, please check the timetable ask teacher’s for access to join the classes. Due to the sanitary regime and the limited number of people in the classroom, places are limited  

    Remember, there’s a first-come, first-served rule.

    The changes are possible in two situations:
    – if the chosen courses are held at the same time  

    – when there is no free space in the group  

    Please follow the IRO’s guide, but remember a few important things:  

    • Before you marked the change in the system:
      – check the timetable (form of classes, day and time)
      – contact the teacher (via email or during the 1st class) and ask about places in group. (Due to the sanitary regime and the limited number of people in the classroom, places are limited) 
      – ask teacher’s for access to join the classes
      – attend the course from the beginning
      * if you don’t get permission, look for substitute classes and proceed as above
      – mark the changes in the system
      – save the changes in the system
      – print the document 
      – sign it in the student signature place
    • If you cannot find the course in the system:
      – please make sure, the course is available – included in the timetable sent or it’s offered and open to the Erasmus students
      – send me an email with the full name of the course, teacher’s name and the name of the department offering this subject 
    • If you add or delete courses from other Faculties:
      – you need to get an e-mail approval from the Coordinator of that Faculty or the change should be signed on the document of changes (oposite to the course name) 
    • If you made all the necessary changes or you don’t change anything in your Learnig of Agreement, please deliver to my room (3.54a):
      – copy of your Learning of Agreement
      – document of Changes (if you have done)
      – a list of courses (that you attend) with names of teachers  

    I will check the documents are compatible and if the changes have been made correctly.   

    Next I will forward your documents to our Erasmus Coordinator for signature.   

    Only after fulfilling the above conditions, your selected courses will be added to your student account in Usos.   

    Deadline for this matter is October 18th. 

    If you have some problems with access to join the classes or to attendance, please report it at the very beginning to ISO, to me or to Erasmus Coordinator.
    If you will informed us before the exam session or in the end of semester, it could be to late to help you.


  • Sample request forms

For all of the courses please contact the following coordinators:

English Philology, Linguistics for Business, International Journalism
dr Monika Kopytowska  


Culture studies
prof. Karolina Prykowska-Michalak  


Journalism (except International journalism):
dr Joanna Bachura-Wojtasik  


French Philology
dr Andrzej Napieralski  


Italian Philology
prof. Agnieszka Woch    


Spanish Philology
dr Marta Pawlikowska  


German Philology
dr Marcin Michoń  


Russian Philology
prof. Krystyna Ratajczyk 


Polish Philology
dr Iwona Dembowska-Wosik