The Conference


The Seventh International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (PhiLang 2021), University of Lodz (Poland), 14-16 May 2021

Many, many thanks to all those who participated in the conference. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and your patience.

The Book of Abstracts is available. Click here to download.

The Conference Programme is available here.

The Department of English and General Linguistics at the University of Lodz announces the Seventh International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, PhiLang2021. We would like PhiLang2021 to be devoted to fundamental issues in philosophy of language (especially analytic). As in previous years, the principal aim of our Conference is to bring together philosophers, linguists, and logicians, as well as researchers interested in argumentation, philosophy of literature, and philosophy of mind.

There will be one additional workshop: Philosophy of Argumentation PhilArg (organized by Martin Hinton, University of Lodz).

Selected conference proceedings will be published in monographic volumes in the Peter Lang series Studies in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, and special issues of international journals.

Plenary Speakers


The following scholars have accepted our invitation to address the conference as plenary speakers:

Brian Ball (NCH London/University of Oxford).

Thought and Talk about Iterated Attitudes

Kasia Kijania-Placek (Jagiellonian University).

All the Faces of Proper Names. A Polysemous Account

Genoveva Martí (University of Barcelona).

X-Phi Results and (Armchair) Philosophical Theorizing

Steve Oswald (University of Fribourg).

Pragmatics and Argumentation

Isidora Stojanovic (Jean Nicod Institute).

Exploring Valence in Judgments of Taste